Whether you pick up a six-pack a 12-pack or a case of beer, or a even just a couple of Red Bulls, you owe it all to Colorado's own Coors.

This is story not just about Colorado's beer history, but Colorado's beer present. How many six-packs of aluminum cans have you purchased or seen in your life? Coors developed those cans decades ago, and is now getting rid of their 'non-green' packaging.

Who's Idea Was the Aluminum Can?

William 'Bill' Coors. Bill came up with the project because the steel cans that were used before, left a metallic taste to the beer and were just thrown away. He wanted better tasting beer and to help the environment.

When Were Aluminum Cans Introduced?

In 1958, after five years and $10 million in development, Coors was put into two-piece. recyclable aluminum cans. You don't really think about the cans being two pieces, these days; they're just 'cans.'

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How Many Cans Does Coors Produce?

Rocky Mountain Container (part of the Coors Brewery campus) today operated jointly by MillerCoors and Ball, produces about one billion recyclable cans every year.

Why Should We Be Thankful, but Not Over-exuberant regarding Bill?

Bill Coors was known to be prejudice and a bigot. In the 1970's many boycotted Coors products because of his own comments and actions regarding minorities and gays.

What is Coors Doing TODAY for the Environment?

They've announced that they will be getting rid of the plastic rings that hold six-packs of Coors Light by the end of 2022.  They'll be putting those six-packs into easily recyclable cardboard, instead.

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You may have seen other beer companies putting their six-packs into these kind of carrier, but this move by Coors will make Coors Light the largest beer brand in North American to do so.  They'll be saving 400,000 pound of plastic each year.

They're slogan for the new endeavor says it pretty clear:

Because buying beer shouldn't mean buying plastic.


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