Last week, Colorado saw some pretty amazing weather. It was absolutely beautiful and we all wished we could be outside to enjoy the sun and the warmth. However, when the weekend rolled around, it was anything but nice outside.

Friday night into Saturday, we saw wet, cold weather in many parts of Colorado. On Saturday morning I awoke to what looked like a miniature pond in my backyard. A lot of rain came down in the overnight hours before the large snowflakes started to fall in Johnstown.

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The city of Fort Collins saw a lot of moisture too. An all-time record was set for the most precipitation during that storm. The Colorado Climate Center at Colorado State University reports that the Fort Collins weather station recorded a 24 precipitation record of 1.66 inches. This precipitation record started at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 2, and concluded at 7 p.m. on Saturday, February 3.


This Northern Colorado winter storm sets the record for the wettest single February day on record. What's more, is that the precipitation from this winter storm was more precipitation than any previous entire month of February on record.

The last time Fort Collins saw this much precipitation in February, was in 1912 with 1.65 inches of precipitation. So if you happened to be running errands on Saturday in the city of Fort Collins and told someone to stay dry, you meant it, because it was a wet one.

Chris Bianchi, meteorologist for 9News, reports that Denver saw the 10th wettest start to a year and the most precipitation since 1989.

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