There are quite a few great outdoor movie theaters in Colorado. When I think about outdoor movie theaters I instantly think about drive-in theaters. Drive-in movie theaters are extremely nostalgic for us.

I think about Danny and Sandy's date in the movie Grease and stories from my grandparents about their first few dates.

Drive-in theaters are still a tradition and are fun. There are plenty of other outdoor movie experiences in Colorado as well. You do not need a car to enjoy the best outdoor movie theater in Colorado.

Movie Night at Canvas Stadium in Fort Collins

Canvas Stadium in Fort Collins has the best outdoor movie night by far. Attendees get to sit in on blankets on the field where the Colorado State Rams play football. How epic is that?

Here is your answer: very epic.

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Canvas Stadium Movie Night has been around for the past five years and many families look forward to watching their favorite movies.

Things to Know Before You Go

Credit: CSU Athletics
Credit: CSU Athletics

According to Colorado State, if you are interested in attending a Canvas Stadium Movie Night you will need to pre-register. Attending their movie night is free and concessions are available.

Additionally, you can find out about upcoming movie nights by signing up for Colorado State University's e-mail sign-up form.

Many residents commented on their Facebook page that they were sad they did not know about the most recent movie night until after it happened. Honestly, I was sad as well.

By signing up for email alerts and checking Colorado State University's social media pages you will be in the know.

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