Looking for a furry friend in Northern Colorado? You need to check out NOCO Humane first.

This week's Townsquare NOCO Pet of the Week is Socks, a one-year-old bundle of energy waiting for her forever home.

About Socks

Photo Courtesy of NOCO Humane
Photo Courtesy of NOCO Humane

A playful mix of pit bull terrier and Belgian Malinois, Socks arrived at the shelter in April. Since then, thanks to the amazing behavior team at NOCO Humane, blossomed from a timid soul into a happy, smiling dog.

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Now, she's ready for adventures with her perfect match.

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Socks Is Playful and Fun

Photo Courtesy of NOCO Humane
Photo Courtesy of NOCO Humane

Socks thrives outdoors. Whether it's a scenic hike or a long walk, she's all in for exploring nature. But this active pup needs mental stimulation too. Don't worry, keeping her mind sharp is easy - she loves toys! From classic Kongs to puzzle feeders and scavenger hunts, Socks is a quick learner who adores mastering new tricks.

Socks knows that commands sit and leave it, but we are sure she will be excited to learn even more tricks.

Socks Has Had A Journey

Photo Courtesy of NOCO Humane
Photo Courtesy of NOCO Humane

Like we mentioned earlier, Socks was skittish when she first arrived. She is learning and growing by the day and she would make a fantastic addition to your family.

Because of Socks' history of being fearful in new places the ideal home would be one without children under 14-years-old.

While Socks is all about love, her ideal home wouldn't have cats or small animals either.

You can learn more about socks here.

And you can learn more about other adoptable pets at NOCO Humane here.

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