My Five Favorite International Vacations – Todd’s Top 5
My wife and I are blessed. Jenny and I have traveled all over the U.S. and to many locations around the World. I came up with my "5 Favorite International Vacations". I did not include our vacations to Brazil and our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta because I got very sick on both of t…
Do You Clean Your House Before Going on Vacation? [POLL]
Planning a vacation is almost more work than working, the only difference, once you're done getting ready for the vacation you actually wake up on the beach not tangled in your sheets that you should have changed last weekend. But in all the chaos leading up to the vacation with all of the chec…
Todd’s Caribbean Cruise [PICTURES]
Todd Harding's Mother and Father-in-Law are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year, so their family celebrated by taking a Caribbean cruise. Todd and his wife took lots of pictures.
Best Fishing Spots in NOCO and Southern WY
It's been a while since I have actually fished, I can't stand worms, won't touch leeches and I always kill minnows. But my friend Rachel loves taking her family fishing, as I did when my curtain crawling apes were younger and she claims she has a list of the best fishing spots.
Elitch Gardens in Denver – Colorado Trip Advice [GUIDE]
I know as a mother of four that when they were younger some of the fun thing's that other kids were doing we couldn't, it was just too expensive. (not that they had to do what others did, but it was nice once in awhile to be able to take them to places like Elitch Gardens)

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