Forever 21 Coming to Foothills Mall This Year
If you are looking forward to a new place to shop at Foothills Mall in Fort Collins, we have some great news for you! Clothing store, Forever 21, will soon have a home in Fort Collins!
Forever 21 will have its 16,000 square foot location opening up in Northern Colorado in May or June this year...
How Often Do You Change the Sheets on Your Bed? [POLL]
I was just reading a statistic that said that the average man changes his bed sheets every 45 days. That sounds like an eternity but then again that is only a month and a half. I would actually have thought it would be even longer. I am guessing every three months at the max.
Three Quarters of a Century Ago Ronnie Milsap Landed on Earth
One of the most underrated singers of all time is Ronnie Milsap. Ronnie has been a legendary figure in country music forever but most people forget to list his name when they speak of the greatest of all time. The man has had over 40 number one hits!! That screams superstar.
Disney's Frozen is Coming to the Budweiser Event Center
If you can't get enough of the song "Let It Go" I have got some news for you!
Elsa, Olaf and all of your favorite Frozen characters will be at the Budweiser Event Center this spring! Disney On Ice will be happening on March 29th - April 1st and should be an excellent opportunit…
The Colorado House Made of Beer Cans
A true reminder that no matter how far-fetched an idea you have might be, someone has probably already done something more 'out there.' And, if it makes a person happy, then so what?!

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