There has been a lot of posts on Facebook lately, its buzzing with end of school and summertime fun chatter. Where do you like to go on your summer vacations?

Motorcycle Vacation D Dennison

It is not secret, I love to travel. I like to go everywhere and nowhere. One summer my James and I hopped on the motorcycle and rode down the state of Colorado with no real destination in mind. We stopped along the way, walked through parks, sat by bodies of water, camped in Mesa Verde and went Ziplining just outside of Durango. On our way home, James said left goes home, right goes to New Mexico... judging by the picture above, you can guess what we did. We went to New Mexico, stayed in Taos and that's where I found my wedding dress, crazy. I remember on the way home going through Denver during a horrible storm, we were soaking wet, but that is one of the best trips ever, all (mostly) in our beautiful state of Colorado.

Take my Poll and let me know what you like to do for summer vacation