Featured Trip Destination: Walden

Location: Walden, CO (Map)
Cost Per Person: About $40 Including Food
Age Range: Adult Trip Time: 1 Day

Looking for something entertaining to do when it's blazing hot outside in Colorado, but don't have a lot of time or want to spend a ton? A road trip to Walden up through the Poudre Canyon might just be the prime destination for you. If you want to make it a weekend there is plenty of camping to do for the family or off your motorcycle. lf you want to find a hotel in Walden or Steamboat try the Trip Advisor.

About The Trip

The canyon begins in northern Rocky Mountain National Park outside of Fort Collins at Hwy 14. The canyon tops out around 9,000 feet, where the Poudre descends from near the continental divide. It winds gently to the northeast, then east, descending the slope of the Colorado Tertiary Pediment, emerging through the southern end of the Laramie Foothills north of Bellvue at an elevation of approximately 5,000 feet. Except for the small upper portion of the canyon north of Rocky Mountain National Park, State Highway 14 runs through the canyon. The route of the highway provides the principal vehicle access to the canyon and furnishes a road link between Fort Collins and North Park on the western side of Cameron Pass, which is accessible from the upper canyon. Most of the canyon is within the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Roosevelt National Forest, which is headquartered in nearby Fort Collins.

Poudre Canyon Map

Sights To See Along The Way

  • Cache la Poudre river - The states only designated "wild and scenic" river
  • Wildlife viewing including Moose at Cameron pass into Walden
  • Numerous hiking trails
  • Rafters
  • Poudre Park
  • Pingree Park
  • Cameron Pass