Some Foods Are Still Good After Their Expiration Date
Expiration dates are there for a reason, that's my philosophy. If it says throw it out on a specific date, it gets thrown out. My James says the dates are true, he says its a guideline. Some folks agree and say there are a few items that are most definitely good after their expiration date.
D Dennison Shows You How Not to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg [VIDEO]
It's a question asked by many, how do you peel a hard boiled egg? If you are like most people it falls apart as you peel it, layer by layer you nearly work your way down to the yolk, completely destroying the white part. As you can tell by my title, 'How Not to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg&q…
Recipe Rescue: 5 Kitchen Secrets Your Mom Meant to Teach You
Don't blame mom for not sharing all of her secrets, it wasn't to set you up for kitchen failure, she was a busy woman. But sometimes the simplest tricks, the ones that make you say, "well that makes sense" are second nature and after years of doing them, mothers forget to…
A Fort Collins Restaurant Offers Misleading Menu Item
When out shopping and enjoying a nice afternoon it creeps up on you, hunger. It must be all the searching for the perfect outfit, swimsuit, dress or whatever. Or the trying everything on, but sooner or later it hits with no warning and you must decide that moment where to go and get something to eat…

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