Expiration dates are there for a reason, that's my philosophy. If it says throw it out on a specific date, it gets thrown out. My James says the dates are true, he says its a guideline. Some folks agree and say there are a few items that are most definitely good after their expiration date.

Eggs iStockphoto


  • Milk, this cereal drencher will stay good far longer than the date on the carton. Here's the test, smell it, if it smells sour it's time to throw it away. Other clues that the milk needs dumped is discoloring and (here's my favorite) there are chunks in it.
  • Meat, it will last at least a year in the freezer without going bad
  • Canned goods, get this, if stored in a dark cool place, some canned foods will last years past their expiration. (no thanks)
  • Eggs, this is probably the only one that I really do keep past the expiration, one I've lived on a farm with chickens and fresh eggs and eggs are pretty loud and in your face when they have spoiled, kind of like a silent dog toot
  • Bread, this household staple will last longer than expected and even longer still if you put it in the freezer.
  • Pasta, this is great news, it will last far longer than its expiration date. A simple test is to smell it, if it smells off it likely needs to hit the trash. Also, pasta can feel stale, if it does, toss it.
  • Packaged lettuce, greens will last much longer than their date and if they're a bit limpy, run them under cold water and that should perk them up, that also works for celery

Next time you go through your fridge and pantry, remember, just because the date says it's bad, doesn't mean it really is. Open it, look at it, smell it and stop wasting money. Wouldn't that be nice:?!