It's a question asked by many, how do you peel a hard boiled egg? If you are like most people it falls apart as you peel it, layer by layer you nearly work your way down to the yolk, completely destroying the white part. As you can tell by my title, 'How Not to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg" I too struggle with the right approach to peeling an egg.


  • Don't use fresh eggs, wait about a week or so after buying them to prepare them this way.
  • Keep them cool, if not cold, so there is some truth in the cold water bath with ice, but to be truly effective use older eggs and change the water often, even adding more ice. This will, in a perfect world, keep the inner membrane on the shell and not stuck to the white and therefore shredding the poor egg to pieces.
  • Technique is key, it's like catching the fly ball, like making the million dollar dunk, it's like a baby that sleeps through the night... but it is possible, roll your thumb up and under the biggest crack you got when you lightly tapped the egg on the counter, roll your thumb until you have released a chunk of shell with the membrane, then keep rolling underneath the membrane until you have a perfectly peeled egg. (good luck, I know all of this and still look at my video)