You know when you went to the store last, you know that there isn't anymore dip, yogurt or cheese. You know there isn't anything in the fridge, but you still stare inside, why?

There isn't anything in there TSM

Do we really think that something is going to appear? What is it about human nature that allows us to do this. It starts when we are small children, kids as young as, well old enough to open the fridge door do it, elderly folks do it. Skinny twigs and not so skinny twigs look aimlessly into the fridge. We do it in the morning, in the afternoon and late at night when we should be brushing our teeth and going to bed. What are we looking for or is it just to look?

Some may say we look for inspiration, that something will click in our minds and some culinary brilliance will come of this blank staring into the fridge. Others believe that we keep looking because as we get hungrier, we become less fussy and will eat just about anything, therefore there are things in the fridge to eat when there wasn't before.

In the end, I suppose it doesn't really matter, especially if we all do it. It's a human thing, like a bear looking in a trash can or the dog dining in the cat box. Some days the empty stare uncovers a gem, a pudding pack in the back that got left behind or was being hidden by someone who forgot about it and other days we walk away from the fridge empty handed and hollowed bellied.

Do you look in the fridge for seemingly no reason? What is the best thing your blank stares into the fridge found and the worst?