Today is huge day for me. Today I turn 52 years old and this is the big weigh in day at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. If you have followed my story you know that I began this path to better health back in March at 333 pounds when I decided to dedicate myself to myself and do whatever it took to get healthy. I lost 20 pounds on my own from March to May 22nd when my life changed.

The Boot Grill in Loveland
Jenny Harding, For TSM

May 22nd, after watching the success and zest for life that Susan Moore was feeling on the program, I decided to turn myself over to Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. Since that day I have lost another 75 pounds and 80 pounds of fat. My goal was to lose 100 by my is the day. I will head over there and see what happens at 930 today but even if it doesn't move down another pound, I am a winner. I have gotten off of daily insulin injections and have not had a shot since May. I have made my heart stronger than ever and had my heart meds cut in half and feel like a 20 year old. This is incredible and the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. I am very proud no matter what today brings.

If I could have one wish this birthday it would be for every single person to know that they can do what they think can't be done. There is nothing you cannot do if you completely set your mind to it and totally dedicate yourself to it. If you can do that kind of commitment there is nothing you cannot achieve. I am living proof. Who would have thought I could handle my diabetes, heart and lose 100 pounds? No one in my circle of friends and family would have bet on me to do this and I couldn't blame them. I knew I would not waver because I was determined I was going to make it happen. I believed in me. Believe in you and you will soar to the heights you have dreamed of. Happy birthday to me. This is the best one matter what.

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