Today is the day I have been anticipating for a couple of months now. This is the day I get the kidney stent removed. I have had this kidney stone floating around since early May and have been waiting for it all to end. A lot of people can just pass the stone and then move on. This hurts like hell but is the best way to get rid of one if you can. I had one that was way too large to pass and was hardened like a chunk a kryptonite. I wrote about the whole ordeal earlier...check it out here.

Today is the day that has made me cringe thinking about. They have to go up my 'man part' and retrieve the stent that was placed up there to go from my bladder to my kidney. This thing has been sitting inside me causing a great deal of discomfort and is ready to come out. The thing that has had me curled up in fear is that they will have to go up THERE and pull something out. I am going to feel like a human party popper. I was thinking I should tie it to a door knob and slam it like we used to do with our loose teeth. I cannot imagine. There are people who actually remove these things themselves. How in the heck do you do that? I am going to leave my stent under my pillow with a piece of the kidney stone and see if the Kidney Fairy will come and leave me a quarter. Wish me luck. If you hear a loud scream coming from Loveland around 130 this is just me being used as a pull toy. Let's get this over with!

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