This summer has been like a bad soap opera. Like sands through the hour glass...these are the stones of my kidney. Doesn't flow like the beginning of Days of Our Lives does it? All My Stones? The Not So Young but Very Restless? Those would all work.

Last week I had a second ESWL procedure on my kidney stone. This bad boy is stubborn. They think they got it powdered this time but there is no way to tell for sure until we do an x-ray right before they are scheduled to remove the stent that is in my ureter. If it is crushed small enough...we are home free and the stent comes out. I am ready for that damn thing to leave. I am not ready for the doctor to go up THERE but there is no other way in!

This has turned into a full summer of kidney stone fighting but it is almost over..I hope. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this went as well as they thought and that bad boy is dust. I am ready to rock on, so to speak. Thank you for thoughts, prayers and patience. I feel it.


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