It has now been 10 months since I changed my life and hooked up with Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. This has been the greatest thing I have ever done and it keeps getting better every day. I have been on this earth for 52 years but everything I do feels brand new because I have never experienced it in this body. I can't wait to see how I feel during the 28 Hours of Hope this year with my new strength and energy. I will be forever grateful to the choir of angels at Benchmark for their faith, knowledge, guidance and beautiful hearts.

This morning I weighed in at 191 which is just 2 pounds more than my lightest since I started. I would say that is pretty good after coming off of vacation. I will weigh in officially later this morning and hope to be right around there. If I can stay around or below 190 I will always be happy. I want to eventually chip away at it a bit more and hit the low 180's and I will...but what is next big thing for me to tackle? How about a 5K?

This is something I would have never dreamed even remotely possible but why not try? I have accomplished everything I have set my mind to and I see this as the next hurdle to attempt. I will slowly get myself into better shape and ease my way into it but by the end of the summer I will run a 5K. It even feels like a foreign language to write but a 5K is in my future. When I pick the one I am going to conquer I will let you know so you can join me and help me achieve this next impossible feat. Dream can do more than you ever imagined. I am living proof. Blessed and grateful.

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