Yesterday was going to be a monumental day in my kidney stone battle. I was going in to have the stent removed that runs from my bladder and kidney. I had an ESWL procedure done and we had hoped it had crushed my mammoth kidney stone to dust and it would just flush out...nope, as usual, I have hit a few complications.

I was warned when this began that this was a large, dense stone that would take some work. There was going to be a slight possibility that just one blasting session would not be enough to crush the stone and unfortunately it wasn't. The stone was crushed some but also was busted into two large pieces that are both still too large to pass. I now have the pain of two stones coursing around my innards. I will have to go in for another blasting. They have to let my kidney heal for a couple of weeks before they can beat the hell out of it again. I was hoping to never do this again but if we have to do it, let's get it on. I want this thing out. When the pain of the stone hits, there are no words to describe the pain it sends through your body. I have never been brought to my knees by anything so quickly.

I am so lucky to have such a great medical staff helping me through this and my wife Kyla is my hero. I would be toast without her love and attentiveness. I will kick this stone out soon but sadly the story has more chapters to be written. This will be forever known as "The Summer of the Stone" for me. I miss my motorcycle but hope to be reunited next month. Let's hope the insurance companies and all the parties involved get the wheels in motion and help crush this bad boy once and for all. Rock on. The battle continues.

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