The Texas man who flew to Colorado just to place a bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week has won big.

Jim McIngvale flew to Colorado Springs and stayed for only an hour for the sole purpose of betting on the Super Bowl. McIngvale placed the second largest Super Bowl bet in history at $3.46 million.

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McIngvale told KDVR that he was only $400,000 short of placing a record-setting bet. If he would have known that, McIngvale says he would have bet an additional $400,000. McIngvale owns numerous furniture stores in the Houston area placed the $3.46 million bet is no stranger to betting big on sports. He lost $13 million in 2019 betting on his hometown team, the Houston Astros.

McIngvale won approximately $6.2 million on the bet, but it's not all profit. He offered a promotion at his furniture stores for the Super Bowl. If customers purchased furniture and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won, he would give a refund. About 1,000 customers took McIngvale up on the offer and now have free furniture.

McIngvale's bet in Colorado accounted for about 10 percent of the total Super Bowl bets placed in Colorado — The Colorado Department of Revenue said there was $31.2 million total wagered this year.

Since sports betting has been legalized in Colorado late last year, there has been a draw for betting tourism in the state.

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Source: KDVR

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