A snapping turtle is recovering after being hit by a car in Northern Colorado. The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is currently caring for the turtle and is confident she will survive.

The snapping turtle sustained serious injuries with a broken jaw and shell during the accident. These injuries will require surgery for the snapping turtle to heal. The snapping turtle was given pain medication and antibiotics. Since the snapping turtle lives up to its name, the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center had to get creative to protect the staff from being bitten by using a plunger to cover the turtle's head when administering the shots.

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Northern Colorado Wildlife Center
Northern Colorado Wildlife Center

The Northern ColoradoWildlife Center's Facebook page states that the snapping turtle is in the process of being scheduled for surgery. The surgery for the turtle will cost approximately $500 and donations are being accepted to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center in hopes that the turtle will be able to be given the necessary surgery needed to save her life.

If you would like to help out and donate, you can do so by going to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook page:

A few weeks ago, one snapping turtle was rescued from under a car in Fort Collins. No information was given as to if this might be the same turtle that was hit by a car.

Source: Northern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook 

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