Well yesterday was another great weigh in day at Benchmark Medical Group here in Windsor. I lost another 5 lbs, gained muscle and lost fat. It was a great day! I am now closing in on 120 lbs lost and inching towards those next two goals of hitting 211 and then 200 lbs. I can't begin to tell you how much energy and life I have coursing through these veins. Everything that I do feels so new. I feel reborn in every sense of the word. There have been so many changes that I thought I would share a few I have noticed lately.

Things I have discovered since losing nearly 120 lbs....
1 - I am cold all the time. I used to be a human heat machine but since losing all that insulation I am chilly all the time. I used to be a polar bear now I feel like an Arizona retiree.

2 - My taste buds have reset themselves. There are things I used to like that just don't taste good anymore and things I used to hate that now taste good. I suddenly have a taste for green pepper which I always hated. My flavor sensors have changed and I love it.

3 - My male anatomy. I knew it was there but we hadn't seen each other in over 20 years. Let's just say my aim has improved and my bathroom is cleaner than ever :)

4 - I am much much stronger than I used to be. I am so used to not having much muscle mass that sometimes I surprise myself. My grandson Zayden climbed on my feet when I was laying down and wanted me to lift him. I geared up for what I thought would take a bit of an effort and kicked my legs up...the boy must have flown six feet. Papa power!

5 - I fit in between cars in parking lots much easier. This is very handy when I deal with Todd's parking abilities.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

6 - The clothes dryer. I have never used it because if I ever dried any of my clothes they would shrink a little and I never had any room for shrinkage. I now can dry the heck of whatever I need to because I have room to spare....mmmm warm clothes.

This life is getting more and more exciting every single day!


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