Hanging Lake is one of the most sought after destinations in Colorado to visit. If you are looking to visit Hanging Lake this year, you are going to have to make reservations and take a shuttle during peak season to get there. We have more information on the shuttle and reservations below if you would like to know more. If you don't know about Hanging Lake, check out this video!

The shuttle service was announced by the U.S. Forest Service this week and will start on May 1st and go through October 31st. The shuttle service will require a per person reservation and will cost $12. The reason for the shuttle service is that Hanging Lake has seen many people over the past few years. Some of those people have not been so nice to the natural area surrounding the lake. The shuttle service will help maintain and preserve the natural area. A percentage of the funds from the shuttle and reservations going to help with the costs that are incurred for the upkeep. If you would like to get make reservations to go to Hanging Lake via shuttle, you can do so HERE.

Source: KDVR 

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