I haven't checked in for a couple weeks about my new health adventure and creating a new me. I am still on top of the world. My initial end all goal was to get just below 200 lbs after starting at 333. I hit that right before Thanksgiving, with my superstar team at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor and I am happy to say that I have maintained that for the last couple of weeks and am still rocking.

I have been slowly adding in more foods and monitoring what they do to my blood sugar and overall energy. I can tell you that when I have eaten something that is not necessarily 'good for me' that I can feel it in my mind and body. It is very important to keep active and limit those not 'good for me' moments. I can have them but I know what it will feel like. I determine whether eating it will be worth how it makes me feel and I usually just find myself saying no.

I have now lost 140 lbs and was going to stop there but...I am so close to that really cool number of 150 that I think I am going to go for that now to be my end-all goal. Getting to 183 and making it an even 150 lb weight loss is now my mission. I am not setting a target date or anything like that but when it happens it will. I love this life and I want more. Thank you Benchmark. We are just beginning.

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