Jenny Harding crocheting hats for CSU Pink Out Night
Todd Harding, TSM

Saturday night was the Pink Out game for the CSU Rams, who were beaten by the Boise State Broncos at Sonny Lubick Field. My wife, Jenny, made us pink crocheted stocking caps, so we could show our support in the battle against breast cancer.

The first hat she made was supposed to be for me, but Jenny said it was kind of "Girly". Imagine that; a pink crocheted stocking cap that is less than manly. So, she made a second, more manly, one for me. Although, in my opinion, anything you do to battle breast cancer is a manly endeavor.

Jenny explains in this YouTube video what makes one pink crocheted hat more manly than another.  See if you agree:

So, we wore out pink hats to the CSU game and got lots of comments. (Mostly positive)  Jenny took a few pics!

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