To say that I'm excited about this upcoming football season would be a massive understatement. I'm always pumped about a new season, but I'm especially into it after last year. Needless to say, we didn't necessarily get the season that we're used to.

Thanks a lot, COVID.

However, things are looking up this season and I think the Rams are going to be turning some heads. After a 1-3 finish in 2020 (I told you it was a weird year), I think we're all looking for a better outcome this year. Keep in mind we only played conference games last year and several games got canceled.

This year, I believe, will be a good one.

Colorado State v Colorado
Dustin Bradford, Getty Images

This year our Rams have a full schedule, complete with four non-conference games and eight conference games. They'll split their time hosting six of those games and hitting the road for six. CSU will also find themselves on television several times this year.

Here's what we're looking at this season.

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