This has been the most life changing year of my of my life and it isn't even over yet. I can't believe all the things that have happened in 2017. It all started with a fantastic Habajeeba Show in January, which turned into quite an ordeal when we almost lost Todd to horrible traffic accident just days before the show. We got it done but it was quite a scary start to the year for us.

Then came word that we were going to be inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame later on in the year. Our careers have gone as high as you can take them. It doesn't get any bigger than the Hall of Fame. That honor, of course triggered Susan into her "get healthy weight loss mission" which led her to Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. Her results and dedication to the program created an energy and vibrancy in her that was something I really wanted to feel. I then did what I usually do when I reached a very intense moment of decision..I prayed. I know lots of people have different ways of dealing with things but this has always worked for me and I happen to believe in it. The very next day out of the blue, Susan, who must have felt my energy as well, set up a lunch meeting with Dr. Sandy from Benchmark. I felt immediately that this was meant to be. I felt if I could give myself up for a year, just give up all control of me and someone or something else guide me, that I would win. I had done a terrible job of making good healthy decisions so I gave myself up. Brilliant.

I started at Benchmark on May 22 weighing 311 lbs after just losing 22 on my own the couple of months previously. I said I wanted to lose a hundred pounds and maybe even eventually get down to 200 someday. We decided that this could take up to year and be prepared for that. Here it is not even 6 months later and last night...I HIT MY GOAL! I weighed in at Benchmark at 201 yesterday and then before I headed out to The Boot last night I jumped on the scale and it read 200.6. I made it! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am and how grateful I am to Susan, my incredible wife and family and my new family at Benchmark Medical Group. I truly have had a caring, loving, supportive and understanding team behind me. They have guided me to victory. I gave myself to them and we did this together. No one would have ever dreamed that I would be standing here on November 16, 2017 weighing in at 200 lbs but...I AM!!

Watch me put on my leather jacket that was too small for my earlier this year.

What's next? I will work on maintaining this weight loss and building muscle and strength. I still have work to do but the weight loss part is over. I have won.

Here is me in March with Carly Pearce at a New From Nashville when her single "Every Little Thing" just came out. I was 333.

Carly Pearce at Boot Grill for New From Nashville
Madi Scruggs, TSM

Here I am last night with Jillian Jacqueline and it happens to be the week that Carly Pearce went number one with that song and I reached my goal. We both hit our goals in the same amount of time. In the time it took for a record to climb the charts and go to the top, I lost a person. Cool. You can do anything....believe in you.


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