Time for an update on my health and my battle with my weight. I turned myself over to the angels at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor in May and had lost 140 pounds...before the holidays. My last weigh in before my Christmas vacation was on December 21 and I was at 196 lbs. That is where I want to be, just below 200. I knew when the holidays came that I was going to let myself go nuts and eat whatever I wanted and I did.

I liked the taste of the food but the effects were awful but addicting. I could feel myself easily slipping into the immobile sloth holding a remote and a plate of cookies mode. That motionless lifestyle for 10 days caused me to go back up to 214 lbs on New Years Day. I knew I would gain some weight over the break and was prepared for it but I have to say I didn't expect to gain 18 POUNDS! Damn cookies and bars. I got back on the program and did what I was doing before starting January 1st. I weighed in yesterday at 200 and was thrilled. I lost 14 of those cookies pounds in 10 days. I keep learning so much while doing this. I know how fast I can put weight on but I also know the methods to safely and effectively take it off. I am feeling great, energetic, working out better than ever before and ready to destroy 2018.

My journey and education with Benchmark continues and I have never felt so alive. Goodbye holiday pounds. I'll see you again in December and we will do it all over again. I win!!

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