You can feel it in the air, fall is quickly approaching. Chiles are being roasted, pumpkin spice everything is everywhere you look and soon the aspens will start to change colors from a flat green to bright gold. The amazing color is a short-lived experience every year, but one that you must see if you are a Coloradan or a tourist.


When should you go though? Well, mother nature usually does what she does whenever she wants to, but this handy little guide that was posted by Meteorologist Cory Reppenhagen is very helpful.

If you are planning on checking out the fall colors in Northern Colorado, September 15-25 looks to be the best option. The further south you go in the state, the later in the season the changed will be. When you go out on your fall color adventure, make sure your phone or camera is fully charged. You'll be taking a lot of photos.



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