I have been talking a lot about my new life since losing 140 lbs but I can't help it. There are so many things that are exciting and everything feels brand new. I get excited about so many little things that most take for granted...like getting up without grunting.

My body has never been something that has been a benefit or plus in my life except if people needed warmth or shade they could gather round me and I could provide that. I also would have made a great flotation device in case of plane crash and as a hockey goalie as a youngster, my larger than average body took up a lot of net. Those were about the only benefits of my old body. I was always a hindrance and friends and family would have to adjust their plans to compensate for my slowness, largeness and lack of physical ability. Things have changed.

This weekend my wife and I went to Holyoke to lend a hand to my son and his family as they are moving into a new place. In the past I would have been able to drive the truck and make sure everyone was fed. This time I was actually able to be of help. We worked for hours and I was able to actually lift and carry things and be an actual helpful worker. We worked for hours and my new body kept right up. I wasn't even sore the next day. This is huge stuff for me. I was actually a help!!! This sounds like nothing to most but to me it made me feel I had value and gave me even more confidence. This new life keeps getting better and better every day. Thank you again Benchmark Medical Group. I walk taller because of you. There is no limit to what you can achieve if you believe in you. .


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