We should feel incredibly lucky to live in Colorado. We constantly hear about our flaws. We understand that housing, crime, and affordability are major issues we face, and there are countless reasons why we should appreciate living in the Centennial State.

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Personally, I feel like sometimes we take Colorado for granted. If you have traveled lately you will find that other states, cities, and towns deal with similar struggles.

I am not trying to make excuses, but Colorado continues to be one of the best states in the nation.

Here is a quick reminder of why we love the state of Colorado so much.

15 Things Coloradans Love Most About Our Great State

Colorado is by far one of the best places to call home in the country. Here's why.

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How Many People Have Moved to Colorado


Complaints about seeing license plates from other states have been flowing for quite some time. You might be wondering how many people have moved to Colorado in the past decade.

In 2014, Colorado had 5.3 million residents. In 2024, there are an estimated 5.84 million people who call Colorado home.

How Many More People Are Coming


We still have a ton of people packing up their U-Hauls and heading to Colorado. Colorado Springs is currently one of the hottest cities in America to move to. Many Colorado cities and towns are referred to as "boomtowns".

A boomtown is a city where it is growing rapidly, and to be honest, a little out of control. Fort Collins and Greeley are the two other boomtowns in Colorado.

Coloradans Are Moving Out Too


Not all Coloradans are staying in Colorado. Due to multiple factors, Coloradans are leaving home. The top state that Coloradans are moving to is Texas. The other two states that Coloradans are moving to are Florida and California.

We Asked AI to Re-Create Popular Colorado Places. This it What We Got

We asked Canva's AI image creator to reimagine places in Colorado and this is what we got.

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