In Colorado, we typically hear about people moving into our state. It is not uncommon to see four or five out-of-state license plates when you are going to the grocery store. Did you know that many Coloradans are leaving the Centennial State?

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Recently, we discovered that over 29,000 people from Texas moved to Colorado.

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What is surprising is that nearly as many Coloradans moved to Texas in 2022. KDVR also reported that Florida and California were the states that received the most Coloradans last year.

I hear people always say that Colorado is becoming "Calirado". So why would so many people move to California?

People Are Fleeing Colorado


While Colorado is still continuing to see new residents each and every day, we are seeing a dramatic rate of people moving out. Although more people are moving in than out, that number is quickly changing, according to AXIOS Denver.

264,680 people moved into Colorado, while 248,150 people moved away, per Moody's. That's a net gain of 16,530 people.

Why Texas?


Colorado and Texas are moving residents around like baseball trading cards. Most Coloradans leaving the state are relocating to areas where they complain about the influx of newcomers.

Texas continues to be a hotspot for implants across the entire country. It's true that Colorado has an overpopulation problem, but here is a reality check. We don't have it nearly as bad as Texas does.

Last year, Texas received over one million new residents. Do you know how we get annoyed at seeing license plates from Texas? They probably get annoyed seeing plates from Colorado as well.

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