ChapStick is like Kleenex. Just like we all call facial tissue Kleenex, we all call lip balm ChapStick. I think I am addicted to it.  I think once you use it, you can never stop. (Not that I would want to)  So, how many ChapStick's does a guy need? I believe I have the answer to that question.

44! The answer is 44; or at least that is how many tubes of ChapStick or lip balm, or whatever you want to call it my wife and I found in our house by searching for just 10 minutes.

So how does a couple collect over 40 tubes of lip moisturizing goodness?

  • Obviously I stole a few from K99. (Hey, it's darn good stuff)
  • ChapStick is a great marketing tool, so a lot of businesses and non-profit organizations have given me tubes over the years.
  • I have a friend (Drew) who makes his own lip balm.
  • My wife loves ChapStick, so she is always buying different flavors.
  • It seems to be one of our family's favorite stocking stuffers at Christmas.
  • They put it at the checkout stands at grocery stores and sometimes I am defenseless against it overpowering allure.
  • I firmly believe that ChapStick tubes have little  baby ChapSticks when we are not looking.

We can't be the only ones with a ChapStick problem. How many do you have?