My wife Jenny is amazing! Her parents, Byron & Bev, are amazing too! I have two amazing sisters, Sheri & Lori!  My parents  have to be amazing to have raised me. To summarize: I have an amazing family! My wife and her parents recently took an incredible journey to help my family.  Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am.

Until very recently, my Mom and Dad were Winter Texans.  Years ago they sold their home and started RVing full time. Every year they travel to southern tip of Texas to live.  This year while they were down south, my mother had a medical emergency. My Sister Sheri went down to help.  The three of them ended up flying to North Carolina, where my Sister lives with her kind and generous boyfriend Alvin.

It became painfully obvious very quickly that my parents were no longer able to travel. So, they were in North Carolina.  Their stuff was stuck in Alamo, Texas! What were we going to do?

This is where my wife and her parents stepped up and stunned all of us! They volunteered to drive an empty trailer down to Alamo, pack it up with my parents belongings, and drive it to my Sister's house in North Carolina.

The total trip was over 4,700 miles through 14 states. They were pulling a giant trailer -  in the wind - with a pair of dogs in the truck - that somehow picked up fleas along the way and shared them with everyone. I made sure my wife had a flea dip before I let her back in the house :)

This trip was something I would never dream of asking my wife and her parents to do.  It is way too much to ask, but they insisted. The worst part was I wasn't able to go along to help.  This is the time of the year I am not allowed to take off from work. My Mom & Dad's personal keepsakes couldn't wait until the end of June, when it gets so hot their treasures could be damaged by the heat.

So, they did it. My Wife Jenny, my father-in-law Byron, my mother-law Bev, and my sister Lori, who lives in Boise, all went down to Texas to rescue my parents stuff. They even battled giant Texas cockroaches along the way.

Then they drove the contents of the truck and trailer and shed out to North Carolina where it was unloaded by the rest of my family and their friends.  I am forever grateful for my amazing family and friends. Now I just have to deal with the guilt of not going along to help!

Oh, they did have a little fun along the way like stopping at the Russel Stover's Candy Factory in Abilene, Kansas, The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, and the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.