Brian Gary, our buddy Matt, and I had a chance to visit the  Greeley Freight Station Museum on Friday. When we walked through the door, we were instantly transformed into 7-year-old boys.  The museum has the largest model train set in America that runs with a real Dispatcher. You have to see it to believe it.    We didn't even know it was there, but we are so glad we went, and we will  be back.

The Greeley Freight Station Museum is in a very unassuming building right next to the railroad tracks.  There is a real caboose that you can walk through and a total of 2,000 train cars and 150 locomotives. The most impressive part is the handmade scenery. If it wasn't built to scale, you would swear that the trees and mountains and trains and water and little towns and people in those towns were real.


The museum is open to the public every Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm and Sundays from 1pm-4pm at 680 10th Street in downtown Greeley.  The hours change during the summer.


  • Adults: $6
  • Children under 12: $3
  • Seniors:  $5

I captured a few photos with my iPhone, but they really don't do the museum justice.