Some days our job is really cool. Yesterday a giant painted bus rolled up to K99 and inside was singer/songwriter D Vincent Williams. Brian and I got to go on the bus for a private mini-concert.  You might know D Vincent for the top 5 hit he wrote for Rascal Flatts, "I'm Movin' On" or the #1 song he wrote for James Otto "Just Got Started Lovin' You".

Now D Vincent Williams has signed a record deal with Bigger Picture Music Group and now he is sings all of his great songs himself...And sing he does. Brian and I both had chills when he performed a song called "You're Still Here".

The song that will likely become his 1st single is called "Down By The River".  I captured D Vincent and his band performing it on his bus with my iPhone.  I challenge you to try and sit still while you watch the video. It's a very infectious song that will have you bouncing along!

I also took a few photos while we were on the bus.