Idaho Potatoes usually get all the attention, but now some tubers developed at CSU are getting some press.  First Lady Michelle Obama and a group of kids recently planted vegetables in the White House kitchen garden, three of five potato varieties planted  were developed by Colorado State University.  Brian, Todd, & Susan even sang about the Rocky Mountain Spuds this morning on K99.

David “Spudmaker” Holm, a CSU horticulture professor, led development of the three varieties at the White House.

The types of Colorado spuds planted were:

Sangre, a flavorful red-skinned potato with good boiling and baking qualities that’s known to store well and is named for the Sangre de Cristo Mountains;

Canela Russet, a popular russet that’s great for baking and whose name, in Spanish, means “cinnamon,” a reference to its warm skin color; and

Mountain Rose, a specialty potato with red skin and pigmented, light-red flesh that’s high in healthful antioxidants.