The debate lately about gun control in our state has been a pretty sticky situation lately with strong opinions from both sides of the table. There have been rumors of Colorado Sheriffs possibly being arrested for refusing to enforce new Colorado gun control laws. While it turned out not to be true, it's a bit scary.

Today David Simas from sent this e-mail to their distribution list asking for support to pass President Obama's proposed executive actions. I have to admit I was a bit disturbed that the e-mail list I was put on when I signed a White House Petition on the Bestburro Baptist Church was being used for this purpose. I'm fine if President Obama's staff wants to send out an e-mail to his supporters, but I personally think it was a poor choice to utilize a White House resource like this, that I'm sure my tax dollars probably helped to pay for, in order to reach out to people and push a certain agenda. Read the letter below and leave a comment with your thoughts. Here's what the White House's website and letter had to say:

In January, President Obama proposed a series of executive actions to help keep our kids and communities safe, and put forward a set of commonsense proposals for Congress to consider that can make a real difference in protecting our citizens from gun violence. But they are only going to act on them if they hear from the American people.


The White House's E-Mail Sent 4/11/2013

Title: This is a critical moment

Hello, all --

For the first time since the 1990s, Congress might be on track to pass legislation aimed at reducing gun violence in the United States. And it's because folks in Washington are starting to understand that the rest of the country isn't going to sit by and let them ignore this issue. Your voices are the reason we have a chance to win this debate. The American people expect and demand a yes or no vote.

But this is a critical moment. It's been almost four months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, thousands more Americans have died at the hands of gun violence, and time is on the side of those who would prefer that we do nothing.

We want to make sure that your voices are impossible to ignore. So we're asking people from all over the country to speak out online in concert -- all at the same time. Will you join us?

It's easy to participate. Over the next few days, anyone can sign up to tweet or share a message to Facebook. Through that time, we'll gather up as many people as we can. Then we'll make sure that all these individual messages get posted together in the same moment for maximum effect.

That wave of social media will get seen by millions and millions of people.

We're talking about common-sense reforms. Like the idea that any of us who want to buy a gun should have to go through a background check first -- which 90 percent of Americans support.

So let's make sure that there's absolutely no confusion about the public consensus.



David Simas
Deputy Senior Advisor
The White House

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