I've got an idea for dinner this week that I think will help us all.

These last few weeks and month have been tough. I'm someone who is extroverted, but definitely has an introverted side that can take over if I'm not careful. Meaning, I could easily go a week without leaving the house and not feel an ounce of FOMO or guilt. That being said, quarantine has been a struggle. I'm realizing that I really miss people. From get-togethers with family and friends to even just small talk at the grocery store, I miss it.

I also missed myself.

This week I had a video call and I didn't want to look like "quarantine" so I put on a little makeup. Now, the last time I put on makeup was February 29. I'm not even joking, people. I fumbled a bit with my tools, but eventually smudged on some color and a little mascara. I even brushed out my eyebrows. I know... I'm sweating just thinking about all of that physical exertion. After seeing myself in the mirror, I just had to snap a selfie, not because I was being vain or I thought I was overly glamorous, but because I genuinely missed me.

So let me ask you, when is the last time you wore makeup?

When is the last time you put on real pants, brushed your hair and put yourself together? Honestly, not having to do these things was probably really enticing at the beginning, but now I think it's time we incorporated that aspect of our lives again. Let's get back ourselves back to us.

Here's an idea...

What if we all chose to get ready and do dinner with our family and loved ones one night? Everyone took time to dress in regular clothes and styled their hair and even put on deodorant (now, we're really reaching). What if we decided to do family dinner in and without any distractions, like we would if we went out? What if we lit some candles and did date night with our sweetie and dressed for the occasion?

Call me crazy, but I think it would be a very good thing for us.

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