Without this virus, none of us would blink twice looking at these photos.

Can we go back to a few months ago before any Stay At Home order was issued? A time in which we were out living our best lives. If you're like me, you entered this decade feeling like nothing could stop you and only good was to come. We've all had to pivot, haven't we?

Things look different.

And even though it feels like this pandemic started in 1992, it's only been a few months. That's not to say that those few months haven't had an effect on us. I think we are definitely looking at things differently these days. How many of you have a renewed focus on family and quality time? And may I ask how clean your home is on a consistent basis? Yes, things do look different.

And we are certainly looking at the world differently.

Many things that have become the norm for us are suddenly not so normal. Aside from the activities we love, like happy hour or sporting events, being put on hold, we are viewing things through a much different lens. Simple actions we would never think twice about before are now something we abstain from or something we ask for permission to do. I asked one of my best friends recently if she was hugging during this time.

Here are a few more things that we've been accustomed to that now make us pause.

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