I'll be the first to admit that math and numbers were never really my "thing" while in school, so socially distancing makes my life a little bit more difficult... 'Cause how am I supposed to know how far 6 ft. apart is? Does anyone really know how far 6 ft. is?

Well, friend, I have found the PERFECT solution to our problem, and it's called... the "Social Stick."

According to FOX31, R.T. Custer is the Fort Collins inventor of our newest pandemic product, and he came up with the idea discussing the difficulty of gauging exact spatial distance with some friends.

The "Social Stick" is a retractable stainless steel rod that can become 6 feet long. It has a soft grip handle and is available in four colors.

According to the website, the Social Stick can retract, becoming a small rod less than 11 inches long. This easily fits in a purse or a pocket so you can "extend and protect", anywhere, anytime.


I have to admit, "6 ft. of freedom" sounds pretty nice.

“Maybe this is just a funny gift for a friend, but it’s cool and practical too.”

R.T. Custer

So, maybe it's time to show someone who's a little too close how far 6 ft. *actually* is. You can get the "Social Stick” online.

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