Have you ever taken the time to learn how and why sculptures end up in Old Town Square? Me neither. After a bit of digging, I discovered that a really cool program has been developed that the local people of Fort Collins can contribute in!

The program is called Sculpture in the Square and features 6 artists from around the country from April 6 to September 30. According to their website, Bonnie Ward has been running the program for 5 years with Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The cool thing about this program is the win-win situation it creates for both the artists and the city of Fort Collins. The DDA finds opportunities keep the artsy vibe of Old Town “different, fresh, and exciting,” while each artist receives a stipend for transporting and setting up their masterpiece.

The best part: you get to participate! Fort Collins locals can vote for their favorite sculptures and the winner will be named The People’s Choice Sculpture. To vote, check out one of the podiums in the flower beds the next time you visit Old Town. Just scan the QR code found on the podium and select your favorite sculpture. Another great way to vote is to visit the SurveyMonkey link right here to cast your vote from the comfort of your home. The artist of the winning sculpture has the chance to win $1,000!

The next time you visit Old Town, try taking the time to really appreciate each sculpture now that you know more about the Sculpture in the Square program. If you’re interested, each of the sculptures is available for purchase. 10% of your investment goes to the DDA so that the program can continue for another year. Enjoy!

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