An idea known as the "Ask for Angela" campaign that first began in the United Kingdom has now spread to the United States. In America, however, this is instead known as the Angel Shot initiative. Other than a different name, they are essentially the same concept.

Lots of bars and restaurants in Colorado have adopted the 'Angel Shot' initiative in order to help women get out of unsafe situations.

When an Angel Shot is ordered by a customer, it actually doesn't involve the bartender pouring any alcohol at all. Rather, it's a discreet signal to bar staff that a woman needs assistance in safely getting out of her current situation. Patrons can also order an Angel Shot for someone else if they feel that individual is in a dangerous situation.

Oftentimes, establishments will advertise that they offer Angel Shots via signage in the women's bathroom. These signs typically explain three ways the Angel Shot can be ordered, depending on what sort of situation the person may be in. When the shot is ordered neat or straight up, it's code for the guest needing an escort to their car. If a patron requests an Angel Shot on ice, it means the server should get the individual an Uber or taxi. Finally, if a bar-goer asks for an Angel Shot with lime or a twist, it means the bar staff should call the police immediately.

Kelsey Nistel,TSM/Canva
Kelsey Nistel,TSM/Canva

Hopefully, more Colorado establishments will continue to adopt this important safety measure. This initiative is a low-cost and extremely easy way to help ensure the safety of patrons, plus, it could actually help to save someone's life.

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