October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Alternatives to Violence (ATV) is out to help those dealing with domestic abuse in Northern Colorado.

"Tuned In to NoCo" got to speak with the ATV Executive Director, Kari Clark, who says they will be hosting two events in October: Paws & Reflect and a Q & A Panel.

Paws & Reflect is happening October 1st at the Foote Lagoon in Loveland, and Clark says this event is sure to be a fun and educational outing for the whole community.

"People need to know and learn about domestic violence so that we can work as a community to stop it...So we are going to do a little parade - bring your pets, dress them in purple. The reason that we do this is because pets are a big reason why domestic violence victims don't want to leave their abusive partner. Many abusive partners will also use pets as a tool to manipulate the person that they are abusing. So, we want to raise awareness around that.

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Clark says that you'd be amazed at how many phone calls they get about individuals not wanting to leave an abusive situation because of a pet, and their goal at ATV is to educate people on how to handle and get out of these situations.

"We want people to talk about domestic violence. It will never end. People will not be saved unless the community as a whole knows what to look for and knows what's right or wrong."

The Q & A Panel is set to happen October 19th at the Loveland Public Library and Clark says, this will be a great opportunity for the community to ask questions and learn about the red flags of domestic abuse.

"We want to stop this from happening. So, the more that the community knows, the more that we can help and stop and watch for people that we know...So we will be having a panel Q&A session. It's totally free. It's also virtual if people can't make it down to the library. We'll have a brief discussion about domestic violence, how to recognize it and then we will have a panel of experts that will be able to answer questions. That will also include a domestic violence survivor as well as some of our advocates that work with it on a daily basis with domestic violence victims."

For more information about the Q & A Panel or Paws & Reflect click here.

If you are someone you know is dealing with Domestic Violence get help by clicking here.

To listen to the full interview, check out the link below.

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