Warning, this video will want to make you take a hot shower with bleach after watching it. Alright, now that I warned you about it, let's talk about it. This video has been making the rounds on the internet this week of a porta potty being flung into the air and it happened right here in Colorado. Garbriel Flores posted the video of the "poopnado" that took place in Commerce City to Facebook and it has been viewed more than a million times.

Kaye Adams
Kaye Adams

The video posted to Facebook on June 11th shows a gust of wind flinging a porta potty around a couple of cars before being jettisoned into the air. When the porta potta becomes airborn, you can see the fine poopy mist spraying out of the exhaust port at the top of the porta potty. If you havent seen the video, check it out now:

You can feel the exact moment you feel the insatiable need to take a shower when the mist starts to spray all of the park goers... GROSS!!!


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