Normally the words sober and bar aren’t found in the same sentence. But there is something new that’s brewing in Colorado and it’s the first that this state has ever seen. Colorado just welcomed its first sober bar as the Awake is now open in Denver.

According to Westword, you can find the new sober bar and restaurant located in the Jefferson Park neighborhood and owners Billy and Christy Wynne want to give their neighbors a place to make real connections.

How Did the Sober Bar in Denver Even Get Started?

The Wynne’s went on a trip to Italy and found lots of people enjoying zero alcohol beers and also noticed a handful of alcohol-free bars popping up around the country and decided they want to be part of this social change and wanted to create that atmosphere in Denver.

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Would You Meet Up With Friends After Work at the Sober Bar?

A majority of my friends are looking for a happy hour after work, just being honest. So, I’m not sure how many people would jump on the idea of going to a sober bar but I do think it would be worth visiting just to see what it’s like. You never know if you will truly enjoy it until you give it a chance.

Obviously, we want to see every Colorado business do well, so we are wishing nothing but the best to the new sober bar in Denver called Awake. Now, honestly, do you think you could convince your friends to check out the sober bar or would they want to go to the same ol’ place they always go to?

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