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Larimer County (amongst others here in Colorado) has REALLY been a hot spot for real estate.

While that can be good news if you're in a home and building equity, if you're looking to buy something to fit your needs and stay within a budget, it can be tricky.

However, if you can afford to be flexible, be willing to be without a few conveniences (like a real bathroom) and be willing to put a little (and in some cases a LOT) of TLC into the property, there ARE some deals to be had out there. Like this one.

According to Point to Point Homes, there's this lovely and cozy little cabin in the wilderness in Drake near Estes Park that features a spot surrounded by mature trees with a sweet deck for you to sit on and enjoy that fresh mountain air that will probably fit within most budgets at $195,000.

Most Inexpensive House In Larimer County

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Central City, Colorado

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