Most of us love french fries. Everybody loves receiving things for free. What if I told you that you can receive free french fries weekly for the rest of the year in Colorado?

You probably think free french fries for an entire year is too good to be true.

Believe it or not, you can receive free french fries, small, medium, or large at one of the most popular fast-food chains for the rest of the year.

Wendy's in Colorado: Get Ready to Eat

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Wendy's announced that they will be giving away free french fries for the rest of 2024. You can pick any size that you want.

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They are calling it "FRYday" and you can get free fries weekly starting now.

How You Get Free Fries


There are a few things you will need to do in order to get free fries. You must download the Wendy's app and sign up for an account.

You will see the "FRYday" offer on the app and you will have to add it to your account.

Additionally, you will need to make a purchase. The purchase could simply be a drink to go with your fries. There is no minimum.

Best Way to Eat Wendy's Fries

I really enjoy Wendy's fries. They did change them a few years ago and they are more crunchy.

The best way to have Wendy's fries in Colorado is with a Frosty. If you dip your french fries in a Frosty, I can almost guarantee you will never want to eat Wendy's french fries any other way.

Give it a shot. Maybe you can try it when you get free french fries this Friday.

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