Tipping is incredibly important when you go out to eat or order delivery. I was raised to believe that if you can not afford to tip when you go out to eat, then you eat at home.

Receiving tips is crucial for many workers in Colorado.

Many Coloradans have complained about tipping being too high for things they don't think need a tip. For example, tipping at self-checkouts may be coming soon to Colorado retailers.

Businesses have acknowledged the discontentment that customers have regarding tipping.

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One chain in Colorado is attempting to meet the customer in the middle by giving them a benefit by providing a generous tip.

Domino's in Colorado's New Tipping Policy


Starting April 29, Domino's is going to try a new policy called "You Tip, We Tip". This policy and promotion will be available at all Domino's Pizza locations in Colorado.

Domino's will not give you cash back, but they will give you a $3 coupon when you tip your delivery driver at least $3.

We imagine this is a subtle reminder to Domino's that customers are not tipping properly. When you order pizza from Domino's, they provide a tip calculator starting at 15%. Customers who do not tip have to tap on the option "no tip". Customers also have the option to add a custom tip or increase the tip to 30%.

Seriously, We Need to Tip Better in Colorado

As a person who has worked in the food service industry, I find it shocking that tipping is an issue at all.

According to National Restaurant News, the coupon will be valid for a week after you make the initial purchase.

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