If you didn't know Taylor has released a new song. I think we all know the powerhouse singer/songwriter, but I remember the first time I heard Taylor Swift.

It was 2007 and I was instantly hooked... like most us. From there a "Swiftie" was born.

If you don't know what a "Swiftie" is, it is essentially someone who LOVES Taylor Swift. If you should know anything about Taylor its that she loves hints and including fans in her art.


For example, when I saw her perform in South Korea (because I lived there) the group of girls and myself went dressed in "we love Taylor" and on the back "swift 13". 13 is her favorite number.


Here's the cool thing, her mom scouts the crowds (or at least she used to) for super fans. When they see super fans they give them meet and greet passes in her green room with pizza, brownies, and soda.


Here's the biggest difference between Taylor and other artists is that she took five minutes with each group that was there for meet and greets and hugged every single person in that room.

Taylor loves including fans in her song and album releases as well. As she drops clues, hints, and dances around the new music and videos she puts out.

This new album is no exception. Here are some hints Taylor teased us with:

First the album tease:

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  Then we speculated what the first song release would be about:


 And now... we have the release.  

 Here's her new song..... Not sure how I feel about the middle of the song... Felt like I was listening to Kidz Bop, but I do like the beginning.

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