If you're stressed, get out! Literally.

Despite technology's intent to make life easier, it seems to just make us more stressed. Thanks to our phones, we are constantly connected. We are more accessible to others than even which, quite frankly, is driving us crazy!

Time to get outside.

A recent study out of the University of Michigan says that just 20 minutes outside is all you need to start seeing that stress be alleviated. Of course, if you can get more than that the benefits increase dramatically. Being outdoors positively affects your stress levels, blood pressure and more.

Researchers asked volunteers to put their phones away and find an activity that forced them to be outside. After 20 minutes, the participants' stress decreases. Another 10 minutes produced a "dramatic decrease." Ultimately, any amount of time outside is going to be good for you.

So if you're stressed, use a few minutes to take a lap around the office.

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