Leave the glamping to us, the professionals.

If we're all being honest, times have been tough recently. Money has been tight since the pandemic hit. Many of us have been getting creative finding new ways to bring in some extra cash. For others, it's about trying to just put food on the table after being laid off.

Renting out a space on Airbnb is a great resource.

The basic idea behind Airbnb is that if you have a spare room or a guest house, rent it out. People will pay money to stay in your space if it's unique, convenient, cheaper than a hotel, etc. Over the years I have stayed in some pretty cool places.

This however, sounds sketchy.

We've all heard of glamping, right? It's a form of camping that is far more glamorous. Glamping usually includes more than just a tent and cooking beans in a can over an open fire. It's camping with accommodations. Things like cabins, yurts, and RVs fall under the category of glamping. None of these are things you would find on the streets of New York City.

Until recently.

According to Business Insider, several RVs and vans have been seized by the authorities after being listed on Airbnb. Not to be a snob, but these are not the big, fancy RVs. They look kind of sketchy.

Would you stay in one of these on the streets of Manhattan?

It's unbelievable that these were able to be listed on Airbnb in the first place. What executive at Airbnb would say, "Yeah, let's rent those to our customers." In addition to the legal ramifications to operating a business like this on the street, the tweet also says that these vehicles were registered fraudulently and illegally.


The ads have been taking down, but Business Insider says that they were touted as a "cost-effective way to experience the city." One boldly stated, "Glamp in a spacious camper Van in NYC!" Oh, and here's the best part. They were charging about $100 per night. Isn't that wild?

But I will say this, it would be cheaper than a hotel in NYC.

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